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The Honey Dew Family
Foundation is committed to
supporting organizations that
encourage healthy behavior,
build self-confidence, and
promote the health and well
being of children/adolescents
and their environments.

Deana’s Educational Theater and Adventures in Respect

Recently, HDFF funded Deana’s Educational Theater and Adventures in Respect. Both organizations strive to create healthier environments for kids and promote positive relationships amongst their peers.

Teamwork Richard J. Bowen with YMCA campers
on the Ropes Course, part of the
Adventures in Respect program

Deana’s Educational Theater (DET) develops and produces educational theatrical performances that depict real life situations, such as; dating violence, bullying and bystander intervention. Based in Wakefield, MA, DET has performed at venues all over the country, including military bases, colleges and elementary and secondary schools. Visit their web site to learn more about DET and what you can do to support their cause.

Adventures in Respect is an anti-bullying program developed by the Hockomock Area YMCA (Foxboro, MA). The program offers a unique approach to team building through problem solving activities and team oriented challenges. Adventures in Respect reaches 6,500 campers in 15 towns near the Hockomock Area YMCA. Although currently a camp program, the hope is that it can someday serve as a model in local schools. To learn more about programs offered by the Hockomock Area YMCA, visit their website at

Adventures in Respect